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    If You Could — Why On Earth Wouldn't You?

    Life is short. You shouldn't have to spend yours dissatisfied and unhappy with how you look. Change IS possible. We can help you create amazing changes in your life. You arrived here for a reason: to discover a new and beautiful YOU.

  • Houston's Finest Liposuction (and Laser Lipo) Procedures

    Every person is shaped differently. And therefore every person has different needs — requiring different approaches, different solutions.

  • OK — Time For Action. Let Us Help You Hit Your Target!

    Let's put it simply: You deserve the face and body you desire — and we can help you achieve that. Learn more about our wide range of laser treatments and lipo procedures today.

Your World Is About To Change. Can You Feel It?

The Finest Hair-Removal, Spider-Vein, Skin-Resurfacing, and Laser Lipo Procedures Are Now Available In Houston.

You are about to discover the best-kept secret in southeast Texas: The Center For Beautiful Bodies. Here you will find Dr. Amir Rassoli, providing the safest, most effective aesthetic laser treatments and laser liposuction procedures available. Call 281-501-8357 today for a free consultation, or fill out our short inquiry form, and let's get together and talk about the miracles in store for you. Your life is never going to be the same.

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Go ahead and give us a call to set up your no-pressure, no-cost consultation. Let's talk about the new you! Call 281-501-8357 today.

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You have a busy life. We understand that. Which is why we work to get you in and out of your appointments very quickly.

Flexible Scheduling

You not only have a wide range of available dates and times to choose from, we also work to customize any return visits to ensure you get the best results and spend the least money on treatments.

Got Questions?

Feel free to call in or fill out the form on our Contact page if you have questions. But also take advantage of our FAQ page by clicking here ...

Discover Your New You!

We have a wide menu of laser and hair-removal treatments, lipo procedures, and skin-resurfacing services available. Explore all of the exciting opportunities and begin planning the new life ahead of you.
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