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DISCLAIMER for the Center For Beautiful Bodies:

The information, images, and videos on this website are solely for educational purposes and represent the sole opinion of Dr. Amir Rassoli, and these opinions may differ from other medical professionals. All visitors to this website are encouraged to contact the offices of the Center For Beautiful Bodies in Houston, TX, at 281.501.8357, to ask any questions, clarify anything covered on this website, and ideally to arrange for a personal consultation, where any and all questions can be addressed and answered to the patient's satisfaction.

All services performed at Center for Beautiful Bodies require a patient consent form, and the particulars of each service are contained therein.

No procedural or clinical results based on images or videos contained on this site are in any way, shape, or form promised or guaranteed to a particular visitor or patient. Everyone has a different body, everyone has different body chemistry, everyone has different conditions, everyone has different genetics, everyone has different everything. During your consult you will be advised on what to expect, but nothing on this site can or should be construed as any kind of promise or guarantee of results.

Any personal information a patient provides to the doctor or staff at Center for Beautiful Bodies is considered strictly confidential and is covered under our Privacy Policy. Only when a patient gives express written consent can any photos or images of the patient be used in educational or marketing materials, whether in print or online. Similarly, all testimonials must be clearly approved by the patient (and the content of these testimonials are the property and responsibility of the patients submitting them).

Any questions or concerns with regard to this disclaimer should be addressed to the offices of the Center For Beautiful Bodies at 281-501-8357.

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