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Explore the Wide Menu of Laser Treatments, Lipo Procedures (Liposuction and Laser Lipo), and Facial and Skin-Resurfacing Services Available At Houston's Extraordinary Center For Beautiful Bodies!

You deserve a better body, a better face, better skin, better health. And transforming all this is now within reach. Click here to contact us about any of the services below. We would love to help you create a better and happier life, beginning with a new and wonderfully improved YOU!


  • Spider Vein Removal

    Get rid of those unsightly veins on your ankles and legs! (Or have an ugly vein on the side of your nose? We can get rid of that too.) No other laser vein removal procedures are as safe or as effective. We are using the perfect wavelength and beam delivery for the best possible results. Imagine — you will be able to wear shorts again!

    • Totally safe! No burning or scorching or scarring! We destroy the vein and they simply absorb.
    • Simple, quick procedures — usually one visit and then a shorter follow-up at 6 weeks.
    • Eliminate veins as wide as a thick Sharpie marker line!
    • No other laser in Houston can achieve results like these. Period.
  • Laser Hair Removal

    Finally laser hair removal procedures that don't hurt! This is nothing like what you may have experienced with other lasers or IPL treatments. This is entirely different. Totally different wavelength and delivery. You will not only get great results, you will leave happy and smiling!

    • Facial hair removal without the pain you've heard horror stories about!
    • Leg hair removal — FAST! — with a computerized scanner!
    • Underarm hair removal with the best results anywhere.
    • Bikini area hair removal (whether a little or a lot ... or all), completely discreet and comfortable.
  • Acne Treatments

    Acne is an infection, and like any infection it can be addressed with the right laser wavelengths, completely destroying the infection beneath your skin. You will see amazing results by the evening of the very first day of treatment. If you are tired of prescription meds and acne cleansers, call us today!

    • Totally safe. Completely safe. Perfectly safe. Unquestionably safe.
    • Highly effective in even the most extreme acne cases.
    • Rapid results — and results that last. This is the real deal.
    • Perfect for teens, but equally helpful to adults with acute acne of the face or back.
  • Skin Tightening and Toning

    We call it the Lunch Hour Face Lift. We can quickly and safely tighten the skin of your face and neck, even improving tone and texture. And we can throw in natural lip-plumping for free! (We also offer Botox, but this would be natural and entirely laser-stimulated.)

    • Quick visit every six weeks, and you will love your skin again!
    • Doubles as a mild hair-removal and acne-preventative treatment.
    • The easiest solution to slight wrinkles or loose skin.
    • Your friends will think you've been getting great rest and visiting the spa every day!
  • Laser Peels and Skin Resurfacing

    If you have sun damage you would like to correct (on your face, neck, perhaps the backs of your hands?), or fine lines and wrinkles you would like to remove, our full range of laser peels will have you transformed, taking years off of you. For the most extreme improvements in skin health, ask about our laser peels.

    • Choose from a light peel to a medium peel to a full papillary peel.
    • We even offer pixelated (aka fractional) laser skin peels for speedier recovery.
    • Enjoy the benefits of the most effective Erbium laser procedures in Houston.
    • Reclaim your healthier, younger skin!
  • The Beauty Lift

    How would you like a more youthful face, breasts, chin, buttocks, and abdomen — without chemicals or pain, and without scarring or exorbitant expense? Enter the world of the Beauty Lift. Technically variants upon the Serdev Suture Suspension, our Beauty Lift takes the place of most complex and painful cosmetic surgeries.

    • No chemical injections and no hospital stays.
    • Enjoy immediate results — for about one third the cost of traditional plastic surgery.
    • Replaces face lifts and improves your chin, nose, eyes, and even ears.
    • You can even lift your breasts by a full inch and a half!
  • Scar and Stretch Mark Revision

    If you have scars, we can help smooth them away. And we can even help you get rid of many (if not all) of your stretch marks after you have had a baby. This is an excellent supplement to our lipo procedures. Time for two-piece bathing suits again!

    • Why spend the rest of your life hiding your scars or stretch marks? Get rid of them!
    • Safe laser treatments, no hospital stay, quick recovery.
    • So much easier than you can probably imagine — with wonderful results.
    • Flatten and smooth the pigmentation of scars, resulting in a smoother, less noticeable blemish.
  • Mole, Lesion, Skin Tag Removal

    Have an unsightly mole? How about age spots or a pigmented lesion? Maybe a skin tag you are sick of messing with? Well, great news — because these are simple and fast to remove. Quick easy procedure and they're gone for good. You will be amazed at how something you have been living with for years ... is just gone.

    • Moles are simple. (And no worries, we will make sure they are benign.)
    • Hemangiomas — no problem with these either!
    • Skin tags of all sizes, shapes, and locations — imagine getting rid of them!
    • Pigmented lesions, age spots, and sun spots? Gone!
  • Liposuction and Laser Lipo

    Let's face it. Sometimes the fastest way to lose weight is just to get rid of the fat. It really can be as simple as that. And while everyone is different (everyone has a different body, a different puzzle piece with its own challenges to be worked out), you will come away from our lipo consult with a clear and exciting plan of action, ensuring the very best results at the lowest cost.

    • Smart Lipo Triplex and Vaser High-Def Lipo procedures.
    • Fully customized approach, with both traditional lipo and laser lipo options available.
    • Body contouring and shaping through limited, precision lipo procedures.
    • The most advanced and carefully orchestrated laser lipo in Houston.
  • Fat Transfer

    Sometimes you just have too much in one place and not enough in another! What if you could move it? Imagine taking the fat from your stomach and thighs ... and using it to naturally improve your breasts, bottom, or chin? Nothing is more natural than your own cells, making these procedures the very safest of their kind.

    • Round out parts of the body where genetics and gravity have taken their toll.
    • Achieve results that you will hardly think possible, fashioning a new body from the old!
    • Get rid of fat that would otherwise take years of dieting and excercise to remove.
    • And build up the parts of your body you most want to show off!
  • Wart Removal

    Warts are just plain ugly. They can also be incredibly painful, especially if they are on the bottoms of your feet or on your fingers. And warts have a terrible tendency to spread. We even see them on patients' lips. (Ouch!) But now there is an outstanding laser treatment able to make your warts fall off like callouses.

    • No cutting, scraping, freezing, slicing, or dicing.
    • No burning or scorching or frying.
    • No surgical gouging or endless repeat visits.
    • And no post-procedure bleeding or pain. Just a dead wart. Drying up and falling off.
  • Toenail Fungus Treatments

    Fungal nails can be ugly, smelly, disturbing sights. Whether your finger nails or your toenails, the fungus can leave them blackened, thickened, or extremely brittle. It can even cause the nails to eventually fall off.

    • No prescription medications (or any of their side-effects).
    • No weird lotions or creams or any of that smelly mess.
    • No surgery, anesthetic, or nail-removal to worry about.
    • Instead ... how about a simple 5-minute procedure for all ten toes, repeated three times,
      with a 95 percent success rate at completely destroying the toenail fungus?
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